Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My annual appointment

to visit my cardiac electrophysiologist is scheduled for this coming April 1st. Yeah, April Fool's day. Not sure what I was thinking when I scheduled it for that day. Also, I haven't exactly gone in for my annual (making it my triennial?) the past couple years since becoming a mom. I'm hoping all will be well with my EKG. I'm currently trying to come up with a list of questions I'd like to ask my doctor. It's always a good idea to write down your questions that you'd like to discuss with your doctor; otherwise, you're likely to forget, and then you just blew your valuable co-pay. I promise to update after my appointment.

Update: All went well. My EKG looked great and my QT interval looked normal. They're always checking my QT interval due to my cousin's sudden death. I have to say I like my doctor a lot. He listens attentively and without judgment. He takes your concerns serious, but doesn't freak you out. He doesn't rush you out of the office, and he always makes sure I feel confident about everything before I leave. He is always so reassuring, that for weeks after an appointment I hardly give notice to the thumps and skips of my heart.

Fear of Danger

I recently stumbled upon this Daniel Defoe quote from his masterpiece Robinson Crusoe.

"Fear of Danger is ten thousand times more terrifying than Danger itself, when apparent to the Eyes; and we find the Burthen of Anxiety greater, by much, than the Evil which we are anxious about."

So fitting for a gal that suffers from Anticipatory Anxiety. The Burthen of thinking about the next palpitation episode is oftentimes worse than the actual episode.