Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Many people that have chronically suffered with heart palpitations know that for whatever reason sometimes we get a break and don't suffer from them as much. Some people say they had them for several years straight after a stressful event in their lives. Then they go away, only to return many years later. I've never been fortunate not to have been bothered by them for years at a time, but I definitely have weeks and months where I won't have any sensation of them. Right now I'm in my brief remission. It could be because I'm currently taking pretty good care of myself with exercise and healthy eating. Or I could attribute it to finding my groove with motherhood and still finding time to do things I enjoy. Whatever it is, I'm reveling it. I'm accepting this time of remission with joy but not expecting it to continue indefinitely. One day (hopefully not too soon), life is going to throw me a curve ball. And most likely my body will respond with palpitations. But "the dance in my heart" is always a good indicator that I need to slow down and relax. And the cycles of arrhythmia and remission will repeat itself. I have learned to take solace in the knowledge that whatever discomfort I may be feeling, one day soon the palpitations will pass.