Saturday, October 9, 2010

'Hungry Heart Syndrome'

Never heard it called this before. But according to a 1974 article appearing in The Ledger, a doctor believed his premature beats (PVCs) were due to his heart being "hungry." Supposedly he noticed his premature heart beats approximately one hour before meals and stopping within 10 to 15 minutes after eating. Thus, he coined the phrase "hungry heart syndrome." Interesting. Never really noticed a strong correlation between PVCs and hunger but I'm sure I've experienced this phenomenon on occasion. I like how he found that eating 6 small meals a day lessened their irregularity (something that is in vogue right now with diets), but that unfortunately he gained 10 pounds. Ha, sort of funny. But good to hear that a doctor actually felt them and didn't say it was all in his head.

Have you ever noticed a correlation between PVCs and hunger?

Hungry Heart Syndrome Article (The Ledger, Feb. 1, 1974)


Kenny said...

Interesting. I don't experience that correlation. If anything, I experience my ectopic beats more so after I eat certain foods--soy sauce really sets it off--or especially after I eat too much (too full).

Ali said...

Yeah I kind of experience both. If I'm starving and get weak, I'll experience them. But on the other hand, if I stuff myself, I'll also get them. I guess balance is key. And the good news is that moderation is the healthiest way to eat!