Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Sunday was my birthday. I'm now 31 years old. Turning 30 was really difficult for me. My cousin died when she was 30, and I think it has always haunted me. I even played this twisted game in my head that somehow I would die when I was 30 of a heart arrhythmia just like her. I'm so thankful to God that I lived through 30 and He has given me yet another day to take care of my precious little girl. My heart still weeps that Beth did not.


xtexan said...

Happy birthday to you, mine was last week! Sorry to hear of your cousin. Maybe PVCs run in families - my sister has them too. Among other things, they are triggered when she lies on her left side. Since a recent surgery to remove her thyroid, they have ceased. Too early to tell if they will return. Sadly for me, all my blood work for thyroid is normal - no easy solution.

Thanks again for your blog, and sharing your own experiences.

Ali said...

Thank you xtexan! Happy Birthday to you too! Yes, I definitely think PVCs run in families as my mom gets them too. And you wouldn't believe how much at times I've wished for a diagnosis of some physiological problem like thyroid, hypoglycemia, hypotension, anemia etc. to explain my heart palpitations. Kind of sick, huh? Cuz when I actually think of having a thyroid problem like my good friend does and all the medication and trips to the endocrinologist that goes with it, well that doesn't sound like much fun. So maybe just for today, I'll be glad that it's just PVCs. But I do understand. No diagnosis means no solution. Here's to hope for the future!

Nicole Fore said...

OMG I'm just so happy to have stumbled upon your blog Ali! I know these are a few years old but they resonate with me today 100%. I almost feel like I'm reading a diary of my own. I'm just still struggling with the positivity part although I do well most of the time. Anyway, thanks for all you do and hope you are well!