Friday, January 6, 2012

Sugar Detox

Okay so I have an additional 6 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. In addition, I would like to lose an additional 7 pounds to put me at my ideal weight. So I'd like to lose 13 pounds in all. Coupled with the fact that after delivery and gestational diabetes, Christmas came around and I ate way too much sugar (my mil made 8 different batches of cookies), I've decided to try a sugar detox program. I've always known that I was sensitive to sugar but it really hit home this Halloween. While my friends and I were enjoying a pedicure, a bowl of candy corn was brought out. As I dove in for handfuls, some of my friends started making comments about how gross candy corn is. One of my friends said she could only eat one because they are so sickeningly sweet. The others nodded. I told them I could probably eat the entire bowl. That's when I started thinking about it. Chocolate, Peeps, sweethearts, ice cream, birthday cake, pie, jelly beans, etc. If it's got sugar in it, I'd eat it. So after Christmas, I decided it was time to try to detox from refined sugar and simple carbs. I started reading, "The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program" by Kathleen DesMaisons after it got rave reviews on Amazon. I officially went off overt sugar and all white foods December 27. I'm curious to see how detoxing from sugar will effect my body and mood. I've lost weight already and can tell my stomach looks flatter. I've had a bit more energy, which is a real plus since I'm having to take care of two little girls now. No headaches, and no major bouts of palpitations. Just a little depressed every evening after dinner since I miss having dessert. I hope to go 3 months strong without eating any sugar. After that, I have to watch my sugar addiction for another 6 months before I might be able to eat a cookie without wanting another dozen. My overall goal is not to go off sugar forever, but just to be able to get to a place where I can eat a handful of M&Ms without feeling like I need more. Wish me luck.