Thursday, March 8, 2012

Most Frequent Causes of Palpitations

1. Exercise
2. Stress
3. Anxiety or fear
4. Smoking
5. Alcohol
6. Too much coffee, tea or carbonated drinks
7. Diet pills
8. Nose decongestants
9. Inhalers for asthma
10. Anti-depressive medication
11. Certain illnesses such as anemia
12. Certain heart diseases (arrhythmia)
13. Thyroid problems
14. Menstruation
15. Lack of B vitamins
16. Low levels of blood sugar
17. Diabetes out of control

What cause is bothering you right now???

site: The Diabetes Club


Grace Koesling said...

My cycle has always triggered them. About a week before my period I'll get them, then they let up a day or two after bleeding begins. Being pregnant also seems to be a trigger. And getting sick.

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