Wednesday, March 28, 2012

To God be the Glory

I'm normally not a fan of any blog posting that gushes about how wonderful their husband is, how amazing their children are, or how awesome their life is. To me, it always seems a bit like bragging when it's on the ye old internet. But today I'm going to go a bit crazy and do a little public praising. Not to the mere mortals in my life, but to the God above, below and around.

Thank you God for providing me with a life partner that has supported me in health and in sickness. Nine years a go we took a vow and have fervently tried to uphold it.

Thank you God for each and every day that I am able to get up and take care of my children. The peace of mind and remission from palpitations has been a gift that I do not take for granted.

Thank you God for little baby laughs and toddler kisses. My youngest daughter is 4 months old now and has brought immeasurable joy to my life. Her easy going spirit is so refreshing. My toddler is feisty but I love that she won't be a pushover in life. She carries her emotions on her sleeves.

Thank you God for a family that lives near to me. Thank you for their guidance, support, and love. And thank you that they are always so willing to watch my children.

Thank you God for surrounding me with loving friends. Friends who have stuck by me, laughed with me, and cared for me.

Thank you God for the rain you are sending as I type this post. After a year of drought, it is so refreshing to hear the pitter patter of water falling and the wildflowers that have bloomed as a result.

Thank you God for sending your Son, Jesus the Christ, with whom we'd be nothing but dust without.

To God be the glory, great things He has done; so loved He the world that He gave us His Son, who yielded His life an atonement for sin, and opened the life gate that all may go in.


Sprout said...

I'm a mother to two beautiful children (16 months apart) and a silly little dog, My husband is my best friend, my house is modest but just right for us and both our parents are in good health. We are so blessed.

But then there's this one thing. This thing that keeps me up late or wakes me in the night. It has me walking circles to get away from it. It steals my attention from my children. It makes me hesitate before taking that sip of red wine. Makes me paranoid that the waitress might have accidentally poured regular instead of decaf into my cup. And when it's gone, it settles itself in the back of my mind instead. Has me on edge thinking, any day now. Any minute.

In one of my worst episodes in years, combing the internet (again) for answers, tips, clues, (anything!) I find your blog and it is the only thing keeping me sane some days. When I am fed up and frustrated and feeling sorry for myself I come back here and find comfort in knowing I'm not alone. This "thing" is affecting another woman like myself who is doing her best to keep it at bay.

Thank you so much for this blog. It means a lot to a fellow "crazy heart".

Ali said...

Oh Sweetie, what I would do to give you a hug right now. Please don't let these pesky misbeats get you down! I know it's tough. I know it's rough. But listen to me now...don't live in fear. Even if the worst happens, and you gulp down a glass of wine or the waiter does pour you fully robust caffeinated coffee and your heart does the will be fine. It may be unpleasant, you may hate the feeling, but it will pass. So do the best you can to avoid triggers, but don't live in the fear. Palpitations live off fear. You can't walk to get away from it. You walk despite it. Subtle, but do you get the difference? Thank you for your commenting. It means a lot to me.

Sprout said...

I will try to keep this advice in mind. Just need to push forward on the bad days and not let them get to me. Still working on conquering the mental aspect of this. The fearfulness, apprehension and self-pity that this breeds is so out of character for me.

At any rate, I still cling to hope that "this too shall pass". Reading your blog, I'm inspired to be more proactive in this. I've been in a just-had-a-baby mindset and it's time to move away from that (baby is 3 months old!). I'll try to exercise more and eat better. And since I seem to have the least PVCs while pregnant, if all else fails I could just become the next Michelle Duggar... :P

Mrs. Aranda said...

Hi, Sprout! I just wanted to let you know that you are NOT alone in your coffee paranoia! LOL I have even trained my poor husband to watch the waiters/waitresses like a hawk to make sure the coffee comes from the "orange rimmed" pot (as if I really could guarantee that it's actually decaf anyway). I totally agree with does take time away from family and all that thinking and worrying zaps so much energy! After living with this for 11 years, I have learned to control some of my anxiety, but just when I think I have gained some control...I'm back to square one! I'm thankful for people like Ali that can relate and are not afraid to share their experiences. =)

My two little ones are 14 months apart and guess what? My PACs & PVCs almost go away completely during pregnancy too (the Dr. says it's due to an increase in blood volume). I joked with my hubby that if I stayed pregnant they might go away forever! Although 19+ kids sounds like fun ;), I knew I had to face this monster head on. What I have learned is to keep well hydrated, as that helps with blood volume too. Exercise, proper nutrition, and sleep (all the things we know we should be doing but don't always do) go a long way to keep the skips controlled. And then, there are days where I feel I've done everything right and boom, there they are again! Like you said..."this too shall pass".

Glad you're here! =)


Sprout said...
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Sprout said...

*Forgot to proofread! :)

Thanks, Addy! It's such a relief to find women with the same exact issue as me. This "condition" isn't well researched I don't think. And, as long as the extra beats are benign, cardiologists aren't concerned. We really are our own best resource.

The blood volume idea is one I hadn't heard yet but makes complete sense. Naturally *sigh* I got on the internet and researched this. Found out that exercise increases blood volume over time (more motivation to workout now!) and that detraining reverts blood volume back to previous levels. This would explain why three months after my baby was born, episodes started up again. As did my menstrual cycle (even though I'm breastfeeding, lucky me!). That hormonal shift alone was enough to send my heart skipping.

And I thought my babies were close together (16 months)... Wow! 14 months is really close. Do you get a lot of comments? I always hear "you have your hands full!" One lady told me I had Irish twins and I had to laugh. Hadn't heard that expression before.

So nice to meet you, Addy! Will look forward to your comments and any advice you have. Hope you're doing well :o)

Mrs. Aranda said...

Yes, that is definitely one more reason to get out there and work's just so hard to do it consistently, especially when you have little ones. I do get the comments too! "You have your hands full" usually comes right after " didn't wait very long". =) Have a great week!

Rose From ConQrete said...

I agree. Love the way you put it!

Ali said...

I'm so happy that you are making some connections. It's always so nice to hear from other friendly sufferers! I'm officially 6 months post partum, and I got to say I'm (happily) surprised that I feel so great. But they got pretty bad there for awhile when I was pregnant. It's so strange how pregnancy effects us all so differently. But cheers to happy healthy kids!

Maria Velez said...

Hi everyone I'm here to testify of the greatness of God. I also had PVCs for a long time until I received a testimony from a friend of mine that was sick that she was a waiting list for a heart transplant. But the Lord Jesus healed her. Her testimony took my faith to a new level and I got a hold of God's healing promises and sure enough he healed me too. So if you're sick and tired of the fear and anxiety that trigger your PVCs and fear and anxiety that your PVCs give you, I encourage you to cry out to the Lord and He will heal you too.