Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mardy Fish

I often like to highlight athletes, celebrities, and other famous people on my blog who suffer from heart palpitations. Mainly I like to do it to show that we're not alone. And that even the rich and famous get these pesky misbeats. And even the healthy and extremely fit, get the dance, too. Most recently I saw that Mardy Fish, a highly ranked American tennis player was extremely bothered by heart palpitations and even got a cardiac catheter ablation procedure to correct the faulty wiring in his heart. USA Today Sports covered his story online - Mardy Fish on Mend, Ready to Take on Wimbledon. Basically, Fish like so many of us sufferers, thought his heart might stop and rendered him unable to sleep alone for weeks. Even after the ablation, Fish "hasn't completely shaken the anxiety it caused." Oh, so true. That anxiety that accompanies heart palpitations is so hard to shake. With time, however, you can learn to accept that heart palpitations in and of themselves aren't dangerous. It took a long time to reprogram my brain to not freak out every time I got a pvc. Most of the time now I do a pretty good job of calming myself down and not working myself up about them. So Fish, you may not have won Wimbledon, but you certainly can win over the fear of your heart arrhythmia.

Post script: I thought it was very interesting that in the article it links to another one written about Fish recovering from a "Scary Heart Ailment." It's precisely language similar to that which gets people so freaked out about heart palpitations. I always wish they would give some reassurance to people that might suffer from something similar.


Thomas said...

Hi Ali!
Your blog has been very encouraging. Ive spent some time going back and reading through old posts. Ive had PVC's since I had a spontaneous pneumothorax aboutu 4 years ago. I'm currently transitioning from college to moving out on my own and sometimes with the pvc's I feel like I will never have a normal, productive life. It's encouraging to read about someone who has handled pvc's well. None of my friends or family understand what it is like to live everyday with these things so I often hear them say to me, "just relax", or "get over it" etc. HA! Anyway, I see you haven't been posting as much as you used. I hope that's because things are going so well that there's not much to post about anymore!

Ali said...

You got it, Thomas. I really haven't been posting a lot recently because I have been feeling better. If I control my stress levels and eliminate sugar, I have many symptom free days now. I've also noticed sometimes it helps just not to dwell (or even write) about them. Half the battle with palpitations is controlling your mind with positive affirmations (my favorites-this too shall pass and I've experience these before, I am experiencing them now,and I will experience them again.) I do hope you get relief from them soon! And be gentle with yourself. A big move is certainly stressful and life transitions can be hard on sensitive people like ourselves. Good luck!

sheduntno said...

Thank you for this. I have dealt with this for 5 months now and have just been put on beta blockers, which I am not happy about. I have always been very healthy. I am 57 years old so it makes me feel better to know this can happen even to much younger people. It really helps.