Tuesday, February 15, 2011


After reading that Ashley Wagner likes to jog to relieve stress and thus prevent heart palpitations, I was convicted that I had yet to jog this year. Screw the New Year's Resolutions (or "Dreams" as I called them)--I didn't even make it a day! In all honesty, my family and I have been sick a lot this year (the stomach bug made its ugly round) and we've had some unusually cold weather (lows in the teens and a sprinkle of snow) here in Texas. All of this has made me want to stay in bed with the covers over my head. [As a side note, I once googled "sleeping under the covers" to make sure it wasn't dangerous because this is a preferred way I like to sleep. I didn't see anything to alert me.] But enough of the excuses. The weather has been mild and after stuffing myself with yet another truffle and cupcake, I decided enough is enough. I'm done with the sweets (for just a bit), and I'm ready to jog again. So after a play date, I was pleased to come home to my husband awaiting us in his workout clothes. He asked if we wanted to go on a jog. Yes! I put on my heart rate monitor, stretched, and was out of the door. We jogged and walked for a good half hour. It felt great! Afterward we sat down to a yummy dinner of pasta with edamame and sugar snap peas. I'm ready to start a routine of jogging and healthy eating. Can someone help me stay accountable????? Please!!!!!!